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But the worst thing about it isnt how dumb it is, but because its so selfisha truth told for his own self righteousness and self image, and nothing else, because it certainly doesnt benefit anyone else. In fact, it leads directly to Tyrion making his own terrible decision To go see Cersei, the sister whos tried to have him killed at least twice that he knows of, by himself and convince her to return to negotiations. Last week, in my recap of Beyond of Wall, I used the headline Game of Thrones Is at Its Best and Worst Right Now. I was referring to the shows powerful ability to give us amazing, epic fantasy scenes unlike anyone has ever before tried of television. What I wasnt referring to was the shows original strengthgiving us characters of depth, but also scenes between these characters, usually just talking to one another, that made them and Westeros rich and real and so captivating that even people who think stories about dragons and made up places are dumb have gotten completely invested in the series. Tyrions reunion with Cersei is one of those scenes, and, somewhat surprisingly, powered by the characters honesty wth each other. Cerseis still mad that Tyrion killed their father, but more upset that he left the Lannister family so vulnerable that their enemies felt bold enough to kill Myrcella and wrest control of Kings Landing from her, eventually leading to Tommens suicide. Tyrion explains the reason he follows Daenerys is because she actually wants to make the world a better place, while Cersei only cares about her ever shrinking list of who she considers family. Tyrion baits Cersei and tells her to have the Mountain, looming behind him, to kill him when Cersei doesnt, he pours himself a large glass of wine. Or so it seems. The Wolf and the Dragon is filled with these sorts of wonderful, character driven scenes, more than the entire rest of the season put together. Its as if season seven was sprinting through the plot for the first six episodes, in order to make sure it had plenty of time for these scenes after virtually all the main characters got together in one place. Id argue Tyrion and Cerseis reunion is the highlight of the episode, but heres a few more of them, some large, some small, all gratifying Brienne discovers the Hound is still alive, and the two of them share a small smile over what an ass kicker Arya has become.

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12:00, 3:10, 6:20, 9:30. Doctor Strange. (PG-13) Sat. Sun. 11:00, 12:00, 1:35, 2:35, 4:10, 5:10, 6:45, 7:45, 9:20, 10:20. Naruda Donoruda. (Not Rated) Sat. Sun. 11:00, 1:45, 4:30, 7:15, 10:00. Tyler Perry's Boo! A Madea Halloween. (PG-13) Sat. Sun.


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Please join us for an evening of women centered music, poetry, art and inspiration to raise awareness and much needed funds for all our sisters behind bars. Admission is a PWYC donation - no one will be turned away. The festivities will take place in the Mill Arts Building, with tours of the entire property conducted throughout the evening. Come meet local Hamilton artists, get a peak into the studios where they create their work, do some Christmas shopping, and have some snacks on us. What’s even better is that for every dollar donated, that money is matched. When you are here please consider buying a piece of art from our donations table and help us in our continued support Hamilton Food Share. The starting point of the tour is in the Mill Arts Building. Support the gritLIT festival as you do some holiday shopping. Join us for a evening of music and humour as we hit the stage about 8 - 8:15 and make your feet move to the sounds of jazz, rock, blues, and folk. Pssst. on might even bring out his violin and join us on a few tunes. This year we're celebrating the season with a swingin' holiday party, featuring modern fun with a vintage feel. We're talkin' rockabilly-rock-outs with the Greasemarks, mountains of delectable snacks and enough intentionally cheesy Christmas decor to keep you Instagraming all night long.


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JONAS BLOQUET as Frenchie, TAISSA FARMIGA as Sister Irene and DEMIAN BICHIR as. Father Burke in New Line Cinema’s horror film “THE NUN,” a Warner Bros. In “Annabelle: Creation,” several years after the tragic death of their little girl, a dollmaker and his wife welcome a nun and several girls from a shuttered orphanage into their home, soon becoming the target of the dollmaker’s possessed creation, Annabelle. Its fine to watch with friends once, but it isn't a movie I would go out of my way to watch again. As Halloween is next weekend and it’s the highest profile horror film on release, there’s hope that it will hold up well. The film only opened at 94 sites and is expanding to more than 150 next weekend, so hopefully a long and successful run is in store. Benedict Cumberbatch plays a former neurosurgeon who embarks on a journey of healing only to be drawn into the world of the mystic arts. While a zombie-virus breaks out, a couple of passengers struggle to survive on the train from Seoul to Busan. It’s only getting a limited release but it’s just about the most fun you’ll have in the cinema this month, so if you get the chance to see it, don’t miss out. As the Treasury Department closes in on his activities, the body count starts to rise. It opened in the US a couple of weeks ago to some positive reviews. Variety called it “a three-dimensional brain teaser that gets deeper and stranger with each new revelation. The Hollywood Reporter said: “this sleek action thriller ends up delivering standard shoot-'em-up goods after initially suggesting it might provide something rather different.


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Thing is, Rebecca and Enid are not visitors to the zoo so much as wild zebras well aware that they, too, are doomed to a life behind bars. Eventually, she gives in to the oblivion of maturity, like an old Skip James record at the end of its A-side, circling in an endless loop. I hate the word. As I hate hell, and all Montagues. . The fact that he pulled it off while keeping the original dialogue intact is almost as impressive as the film’s soundtrack, which we still can’t get enough of. When you’re a teenager everything feels like love and hate, black and white, life and death. With her shades on and chest out, the boys melt like butter. When her promiscuous reputation starts to sully plans with her clean-cut crush, the truth just has to come out. Jake gives Samantha a pink cake lit with 16 candles and asks her to make a wish; she replies that it’s already come true. It’s Samantha’s (Ringwald) sixteenth birthday, and she slowly realises that her entire family has forgotten her special day. The world hasn’t done these kids any favours, and they take it out on each other. Our star-crossed lovers are Maria (Wood), the sister of Shark leader Bernardo, and Tony (Beymer), the ex-leader of the Jets.


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(Best Documentary Feature), ? da. The Oprah Winfrey-Brad Pitt produced Martin Luther King semi-biopic film was snubbed by most award-giving bodies, including for Director Ava Duverney who could be the first African-American Oscar Director. One of the highlights of the show was Lady Gaga? stunning medley rendition of songs from ? he Sound of Music. Her powerful performance garnered a standing ovation and social media frenzy, immediately started trending that she really has the pipes and not just a mere flamboyant pop singer. Kudos to a spectacular set design of this year? presentation but the usual three-hour telecast exceeded 42 minutes with host Neil Patrick Harris giving a brilliant Opening musical number, celebrating movies, although throughout the show he was let down by his writers, suffered -- trying to don a Billy Crystal-style with less punchlines. He got big applauses though when he tried to spoof Michael Keaton? walking in white underwear-? irdman. Inherent Vice received the Robert Altman Award and Foxcatcher received a Special Distinction Award.


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One by one, pixels on the target phone will go dark. Over the course of several hours, a secret image will be revealed. Dead Pixel Remover Just bought a new phone and immediately found several dead pixels on your display? You can control the screen and detect stuck pixels, and in this case repair them through the application. Add as many as you want and move them around the screen. Application is simple to use, visual interface and stable. Use patterns to see better and even try and fix stuck pixels with the exerciser. Sure, you've already tested your phone for dead pixels. The app is by showing the color of the screen as a whole. Use powerful weapons found throughout the landscapes and earned from challenging tasks. Guide our brave hero through difficult levels full of dangerous obsta Dead Pixels Test and Fix Bought a new smartphone or want to check on the old smartphone matrix display. You can detect any stuck or dead pixel on your LCD screen. Dead Planet Dead Planet is a shooter space action game, where you have to fly through the Universe, avoidinng enemy's spaceships, asteroids or even stars.


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Buying in Canada Generic Trental pay cod without prescription. Buy in Canada Discount Valparin with overnight delivery. The new application “Vision board 2” (VisuaLife) is a tool you’ve not in the least seen before This is new visual editor of your dreams. And this application is free. You understand, lots of people are looking round for this info, you could aid them greatly. By creating a PHR you preserve work indisputable that aid providers get a nail depict of your eudaemonia. A late canvas conducted by the earth Podiatric Checkup Affiliation of 1,695 adults ages 18 to 60 base that 47 proportion had experient a groundwork upset in their life-time. She told me with a shrug that 1) I would person to experimentation by isolating foods in my nigh past fasting until I establish the perpetrator (since I ha not denaturised wash or eubstance soaps didn't append some chemicals or perfumes to my repertoire, etc. Elementary carbs are graduate in calories but reduced in vitamins and minerals. The POAs in cat's extremity delve withdraw exercise the body's vector system, patch maitake d-fraction encourages the body's possess insusceptible organisation regulators to manifestation on cancer cells. Lets present the facts here; the travel we bonk to hint is polluted, later a wide succession the quality really smells good, that's because every the burdensome impure subject was clean to the ground; oh schoolchild today it is beingness engrossed into the hit urine and climax unstylish of your spigot for you to reward. It too helps in the action procedure and cleansing the execution in your embody. The simplest journey to do this is to ingest a make whose form is higher than the regular president when you terminate.


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If you do climb to the top you will see fantastic views across this historic university city. Your guide will also show you such places as Radcliffe Square, the Radcliffe Camera, Brasenose College and All Souls College. There is so much to see in the city, but don’t take our word for it come and take the tour and see for yourself. Once we have completed our few hours in Oxford it is off into the Cotswolds to have lunch lunch in a 300 year old British Pub After lunch we then drive on to the churchyard at Bladon where Winston Churchill is buried. Just a short drive here sees us arriving at Blenheim Palace. Travel in style by black cab from central London to 18th-century Bowood House, and explore the Georgian house and gardens at your own pace. For your second visit, choose from traditional British stately homes including Blenheim Palace, Buscot Park and Gardens, Greys Court, Hidcote Manor Garden, Kelscott Manor, or Sulgrave Manor. This tour includes round-trip travel from central London, but entry to the stately homes and gardens is payable separately. ollowing a 9am pickup at your centrally located London hotel, take a seat in your traditional black cab and spin onward to Bowood House — a beautiful 18th-century manor nestled in the Wiltshire countryside. On arrival, explore the house (own expense), and admire the Georgian architecture and plush furnishings you find. Discover historical artefacts and heirlooms including Queen Victoria’s wedding chair and Napoleon's death mask, and learn of the Marquis and Marchioness of Lansdowne — the ancestral owners. Delve into the gardens, widely considered among the finest in England, and stroll across the sweeping lawns to the peaceful lake at the bottom. Discover hedgerows and flowerbeds laid out by Capability Brown — a famous British landscape gardener — and capture the pretty views on camera.


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where he helped hand over a new aircraft carrier, the Gerald R. Ford, to the Navy. The tweets were unusual in their scope, even for Trump. Topics he covered included the widening investigation into suspected Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, Hillary Clinton, son Don Jr. healthcare, an Islamic State terrorist who may be dead, Trump's attorney general and his new White House communications director, Anthony Scaramucci. Scaramucci worked for the campaigns of Wisconsin Gov. Jeb Bush during the 2016 Republican primaries before becoming an advisor to the Trump campaign in February. Next week, Trump's eldest son, Donald Trump Jr. his son-in-law and White House advisor, Jared Kushner; and Paul Manafort, a former campaign chairman, are scheduled to meet privately with members of Senate committees investigating Russian election meddling. The FBI investigated Clinton for using a private email server as secretary of State. She turned thousands of emails over to the government, but deleted thousands of others that she said were personal or unrelated to her work as the nation's top diplomat. Trump also complained Saturday about a Washington Post report that the Russian ambassador to the United States said he discussed election-related issues with Jeff Sessions when the men met during the 2016 presidential race. Sessions, now the attorney general, at the time was a U.


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All these signs pointed to the Whinchat's close cousin, a Stonechat, and possibly a young one judging by its dull colouring. Needless to say I was thrilled to bits that my patch hosted both the 'chat' chats (Robins and Wheatears are also chats but hey, it's not in their names so doesn't quite count! in the space of just over a month. I get one every year, but only one and not in Spring yet. At the end of 2013 I saw a hare and hoped for more sightings in 2014. I hoped to see more but as the crop grew up it was impossible to tell if they were there or not. Also, remember when I wrote that post about signs of foxes. It looked healthy, with thick fur and a big fluffy brush with interestingly no white on the end at all. Other than that there wasn't much Roe Deer activity this year. In 2013, I realised Tawny Owls were in the area in quite a sad way when I saw a dead one on the railway lines. I collected them and finally did what the tracks and signs books say you should do, which is soak them in water to get rid of the fur and break them down to look at the bones. I'll look at the contents in more detail in a future post. The pellets before.


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Such bad timing. Cut to the next day and Penny works at the house, giving tours. She just started but seems to have a lot of knowledge about the place. When I started at my current job, it took me 2 years to learn all this technology info, but her only a month or so to learn the entire family history of The Whaleys. To save some time later, I'll tell you the history now if I remember it. A family lived in the house a long ass time ago and a bunch of people died in the house, kinda horribly. The father of the house died somewhere else but he hangs around the house to protect the family. Oh and the daughter of the family shot herself in the heart. That's it. Anyway, Penny is giving a tour and some lady in the tour starts freaking out cause she sees shit like people roaming around and a rocking chair moving on it's own. Soon, she starts choking and is taken to the hospital. Some old lady that owns the house I guess tells Penny she got the job for a special reason but we never learn why until the end. Later, Penny is with her friends and I'm gonna say right now she's got the douchest friends ever.


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The man becomes a local barehands boxer and rides in glory until he is beaten. His employers steal all the couple's money and they must fight off starvation in the winter trying to keep their dream of owning land alive. Universal - 1992 Welcome to the Fandango MOVIECLIPS Trailer Vault Channel. Where trailers from the past, from recent to long ago, from a time before YouTube, can be enjoyed by all. Feel free to send us your trailer requests and we will do our best to hunt. As John Chisum, a real-life cattle king determined to protect his empire against a land-grabbing developer (Forrest Tucker). McLaglen and beautifully photographed by William H. Story), Chisum is the kind of sweeping, brawling Western that made Wayne endure as a star. Demand for land has soared as investors look for places to grow food for export, grow crops for biofuels or simply buy up land for profit. The film gives an inside look into the world of investors in the international agro-business and shows the consequences for families kicked off the land. FILM DESCRIPTION: In this epic Ron Howard film, Joseph Donelly (Tom Cruise) is an impoverished 19th-century Irish tenant farmer who has recently lost both his father and his home to the agents of his unscrupulous landlord. On a mission to avenge his family's injustice at the hands of the ruthless land baron Joseph meets the landlord's daughter and the two run off to America together where the girl expects to claim a piece of land for herself in the Oklahoma Land Rush. After she is robbed on the boat that carries them to America, they arrive with nary a penny and struggle just to keep their heads above water in the slums of Boston.